Saturday, June 21, 2008

I feel so blessed!!

I am getting so excited for the day James and I get sealed for all eternity!! Today I had my bridal shower and it made me realize how loved I am and how blessed I am!! It was so amazing!! I had so many people to come and support me! The shower was given by James sister Jenny and my good friends Sam and Keilah!! It was at Emory's restraunt one of my favorite places!! It was so beautiful and the food was amazing!! Better yet the company was great!!! It was so wonderful to have everyone there, to be able to talk, eat, and play some great games!!

So I just love being in front of people...( really not at all)

But we started out with the How well do you know the soon to be "husband" game....and I deserved payback for torturing Allison, Keilah, and Sam through this game ecspecially with the outcome of getting the question wrong with sour gum!! They were a little easier on me so I thought!! They gave me the hard bubble gum...which was so hard to chew!! Here is the video!!

The next game was so creative!! Something I have never seen at a bridal shower!! The price is right...according to Albertsons!! The Host was Keilah!! She did amazing!! Here is a video clip!!

The next game was so much fun!! It was the purse game!! It is crazy what we all have in our purses!!! The things worth the most points were the passport, a 1983 penny (since that is when I was born) and a planner!! It was so much you get a little peek into the fun we had!!

So the next game was a combination of me opening my presents!! They made the cutest little bingo board (Thanks for the help steve) and had to put items on it that they thought I would open...The the theme of my shower was giftcards...and of course I did get some other things ;)
** So be advised before watching**

I hope you got to watch the videos!! The last thing they did was "What I would say on the honeymoon" they took all the things I said while opening up presents!! It was great!!

I just want to say thank you to Jenny, Sam, Keilah, Beth and Mom for all the Hardwork and everyone else who helped put it together!! It was so amazing and I am so grateful!! Thank you for everyone that came and supported me! It really meant the world to me!!! I am so blessed!! Thanks again!!


Wilcock Family said...

What FUN videos!! WOW a lot of people were there at your shower, that is great! Great support!! You look beeautiful as always and I am so excited for you!! I love ya a ton girl!!!!! I really want to move to Washington :)

Julie said...

Your shower was so fun I'm glad I got to come. I soooo wish I could be here for your wedding!! Love the way check out my blog I put pictures up of my haircut!

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to the shower! I love the videos - it will be fun for your kids to see before they get married! It was a great afternoon - and just a couple weeks to go!!