Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saturday!! A day where we could relax and have fun!!

So normally when James has a Saturday off I always have this schedule of a million things to do...normally errands and things to do around the house...or things for the wedding! So this Saturday was so great!! The day started off going to the gym! My good friend Victoria picked me up

and we went for an hour and a half!! We did a step class!! My favorite!! James was still working out so Victoria and I went back to my house and caught up for a bit!!James came over and we relaxed till it was time to go run to the post office and then out to eat!! My favorite place!! The California Pizza Kitchen!! I havent eaten there in forever!! It reminded me of Provo...good times with Teresa!! ( I just caught up with her on Saturday!! And she is getting married the day after the SLC temple!) So we went to Northgate and met up with Parker and Brandice...and her cousin and there friend Joe! It was so much fun and great food!!My favorite the bbq chicken pizza and the bbq chicken chopped salad!!

Afterwards we went to Target!! One of my other favorite places!! And I love the Northgate Target...two stories and an elevator that carries carts!!I know I get amused easily!!

Then James and I went to see Indiana Jones!! It was good :) Just another Indiana Jones...remember we are easy critics!!!

Then we rushed off to go to James bowling for WAMU for the Junior Achievment....they had to raise money :) Then we got to bowl! James bowling shirt said "Thriller" and I was "Mrs.Thriller" (pictures will be up soon for that)

It was another great day!! I figured we could have a break since Invitations were almost all out ( well we ran out!!) It was a good thing I got them out early!!!

Now ready for another fun and exciting week!!

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Wilcock Family said...

Oh how fun!! I LOVE the California Pizza Kitchen! I went for my first time on Saturday- my friend took me for my Bday :) YUM!!!