Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday July 19th

So today was the first day of being Sarah & James Wagner! Yay!!! So exciting! We woke up we could eat breakfast before all the stuff going on for the day!!!

1. James left to go return the car to my boss....but he had to clean all the peanut butter off!!!

2. Camille came over and chopped all my hair off!!! ( It is amazing...and was great for florida)

3. Brunch with Family and friends at 11am!

Our Brunch was so much was good to be able to eat the food from the wedding since we really didnt get the chance to...and it was nice to be able to spend some time with family and a not so hectic manner..... And we got to open all of our presents with everyone!!

4. We went home...unloaded the car... got Rosco and Fufu and my mom and Lauren and hoped in the car! We were on our way to Edmonds Beach!

We went to downtown Edmonds on my Mom and Laurens last day in Washington....we went to Arnies on the water! One of James and my favorite restraunts! We ate there and walked around... It was such a great ending of their trip!!

5. Then we dropped of the dogs at Amy and they can watch them ( Thanks again)

6. Then we ran home to pack....then all of ous were off to the airport to catch our flights!

We all got to the airport in pleanty of time... Laurens terminal wasnt close to Ours and my we said our goodbyes early.... Then it was our turn to fly....and Bye Bye Seattle.....

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