Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our last Sunday in the singles ward!!!

So you would think with all the stressful things going on and all the craziness...what more can you fit in!! Well, our Bishop assigned James and I talks... I am glad we got them ahead of time...But it didnt help to much ;)

Well, Sunday finally came and our talks went well!! Of course they would!! I am glad I didnt start cracking up and snorting at my own jokes!!! I started the talk of as.... Bishop gave me the topic of Patience..since I am getting married next week...I havent had much time or patience to prepare my talk...and since it is my last week...I know Bishop always likes to fill in the time...and I wanted to hear him speak!!! ( as I looked at him) Then I went on...I would like to Bear my testimony....Just kidding!!!

It was such a great way to start my talk...and it felt great not to feel so nervous!! But on the serious note! Our talks were great!! And my mom even got to come to church along with All of James family! It was so nice!!

After church we went home to relax for a bit...well work on wedding stuff!! Then we had dinner at James mom & was fun!! It was also a combined birthday party for all the kids.....After all the presents and cake...

Sam & Keilah came over to try on their skirts...and then all of us worked on the centerpieces!!
It was great to have everyones help!!! Even the kids :)

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