Friday, November 9, 2007

Time out for couples!! November 9th

This was a fun day!! We all got off of work early and drove to Tacoma!! Traffic wasn't the best..but it was a fun ride!! We got to tacoma and had some mexican food right before...
Then we went to Time out for couples...It was very good!! There were different speakers and Michael & Lynne McLean were the hosts...It was great listening them speak and sing about marriage and the highs and lows of there relationship.

Then we listened to Merrile Boyack and she was hilarious!! She wrote the book" "But, How Do I CHANGE My Spouse?!?" It was great listening to her!!

Next was Richard N. Holzaphel he is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University; he has a few different books but a great one is...."One Heart & One Mind"

Last but not least my favorite!!! Douglas Bringley!! He has written so many great books and he is also a professor at BYU!!

It was a fun night!!!

The next night we went to Red Robyn and Saw Dan in real life (I don't think they want to take me out again...or they will make me promise not to laugh!!)

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