Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween 2007
It was our first Haloween together and even though we were boring it was fun!! Well we first started out the Holiday by carving pumpkins in between sessions of General Confrence...along by decorating my house!! The pumpkins turned out great ( we both did them free-hand) But then they died about 2 1/2 weeks later...So sad....

So last Sunday we had our pre-halloween at our friends Sam and Jeremy's! Jeremy made these amazing popcorn balls and homemade cider! Sam made this great pumpkin deseret! Yumm!! It was a tun of fun....Keilah and Steve brought some extra pumpkin carvers...wich was very helpful!!

So Pumpkin got everywhere...our hands turned orange...The pumpkins were suprisingly juicy!
Here are some pics of our creations:

So, that was our pre-Halloween! On Halloween...I got trick or treaters!! About 14!! Yay!! I was suprised but I did have candy...and I have a lot left over! We had our little party since all of us were party poopers....and didnt want to dress up! We were going to watch a scary movie...but watched the illusionist instead along with spider man 3! We had some pizza (thanks james) Some amazing cheese bread (thank you camille for your recipe) some great cookies and albertsons 7 layer dip( i wonder who brought that?) and some more of Jeremys famous cider and Sams amazing pumpkin desert! It was a lot of fun!! Fufu and Rosco loved there costumes...

And we loved seeing some scary faces from the rest of the bunch!
It was a lot of fun!! Maybe next year we will dress up !!!


SaSa said...

I am excited to see that you are blogging now! I look forward to new posts :)

Wilcock Family said...

Such cute pictures!! It looks like you guys had a blast! I love reading your blog! Love you!!

camille said...

Yay! I am glad you guys had fun, and enjoyed my yummy recipe!

AOBrien said...


A) you look beautiful.. your hair is not longe solid blonde.

b) I thought about you th other day and I missed you

c) I am so happy your happy!

B & A Hamm said...

Sarah, I tagged you on my blog this afternoon. No worries if its something you dont want to do! Hope your thanksgiving was fun!