Monday, October 19, 2009

Last day in Germany

Today was the last day we were in Germany. We started the day out with breakfast...packing.. and getting ready! We went to a horse and tackle store! My mom wanted to get an outfit for her dog :) And we needed to get fufu a toy! Plus there was a jacket I really wanted...and wanted to look at it...but it is kind of hard being 8 months pregnant finding a jacket to fit after :) So after we went to the store, we went on a little was really neat because it was like a wild animal farm! It had deer, boars, elk, and wild birds! It was fun! Once we got back to their house, I had to do some work :) And then we had dinner on a raclette grill!! Yumm!! It was so good!!I want to buy one now!!!

We had such an amazing time! It will be hard to go home...but nice at the same time! It is good to get back to real life...but it is so nice visiting with family!!! Now hopefully they will all visit soon!!

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