Saturday, October 24, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!!!

So it is a late start this year! My house dosent even have a halloween decoration up! And we are just getting our pumpkins :) Well I guess we have an excuse! We have been in Germany for most of the month...then I have a friends baby shower at my house...and I figured it would be nice not to have it look all Creepy :)

So today- Maggie, Casey, and Axel .....Sam, Jeremy, and Landon ...and us! Decided to go to the pumpkin farm! I love going to this farm since there is always so much to do and they have a great selection of pumpkins! The kids loved the animal farm :) And us girls loved the gift shop....yes I know I am crazy! But they had the perfect little table for the nursery there!! I just loved it! And things are so cheap there! Sam even found the cutest costume for Landon! So we all found pumpkins....and had some good cider too!! What a fun day!!

Now time to hurry home and help get ready for Rozemary's Baby Shower!!!

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