Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flohmarkt- Ellemendingen

Today we woke up and had breakfast...and played games! We then got ready to go to the childrens Flohmarkt ( similar to a garage sale) We got on a bus then headed out! It started pouring... but James and my mom were still ready to go with me ( They new if not I would throw a fit) We got off the bus and it wasnt where my mom thought it was so we asked this guy at a store and he told us where we could find one! We got there and it was pouring! But there were a ton of people! The things were a lot higher in cost then we would find here for buying used....but it was still fun! I filled my backpack!!! After getting basically pushed over buy crazed people...we got out of there ( James and my mom were happy) The rain let up ...and we walked around town! It was a fun day! Well I know I enjoyed it!!!!

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