Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today was our last day at the resort, we said by to my uncle Reinhardt and his wife Petra and their kids....then we went to the castle Neuschwanstein! It was a perfect day to go since it was so beautiful outside! Once we got there, we got our tickets then waited in line for a carriage to take us up to the top of the castle! It was fun being able to go...but we felt so bad for these horses taking us up such a steep mountain in the cold weather! We finally got up to the top of the mountain and had to rush before our tour started. It was a nice tour, shorter than I remember it last time! But it was still very neat!! They dont let you take pictures inside!But there are ton online! After we got done with the tour, my Mom, Wolf Dieter, James and I decided to walk down the was a nice walk...and we didnt have to feel bad for the horses :) And we still beat them :) After the rest of the family got to the bottom, we then went to go get some lunch! Afterwards, it was time to say bye to Oma and Opa :( It is always hard since we dont get to see each other too often! Opa said that they will come to Seattle in two years! Then we are going back in 4 years for their anniversary!

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