Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today we were able to go on a little walk around the town where my grandparents live...then after lunch we went to Neuenbuerg. Neuenberg was a beautiful town and had a lot of family history in it! In the town there was the church where my grandparents were married, and my mom was baptized in. Then we went up to a castle where my great great grandfather used to watch for intruders to come to the castle in the watchtower. There was so much history in this castle it was so neat! And such a beautiful view! You were able to see the whole village! On the walk down from the castle...connected there was a piece of property that my great grandfather used to own : He was a beekeeper and had his buisness there. When my mother was younger she would go there and help out. When we walked into the town there was my grandfathers uncles bar...and all the different things from the day were all a neat reminder of what makes up our families crest!

* In the picture it shows the watchtower on top - for my great great grandfather, then it has the bees - for my great grandfather - This is a window at my oma and opas!

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