Saturday, October 17, 2009

Schlossanger Alp Berhotel OCTOBER 17-18

We left my Aunt and Uncles early to head up to the Alps! We woke up with snow on the ground...but thought it may melt. It continued to snow and on our way to the Alps it continued stronger.We were just getting closer to the resort....and we were driving up this mountain that was rather windy....but the car wouldnt move anymore! So my uncle was going to wait to get help to move it while we walked to the resort! It was a fun little adventure! Once we got to the top it was just such a beautiful view!! This was the perfect ending to our vacation!

We got into the resort after playing in the snow for a bit and met up with my Grandparents and my other Aunt and Uncle and their kids! Once we all got situated and put our things in our rooms we met in the downstairs and started the day out with drinks...and cheers to Family and some amazing soup!!!

We enjoyed some time talking..sharing pictures..and playing outside! Then it was time to go to the top of the mountain and have some cake at a restaurant that overlooked the Alps and the different castles in the area! The restaurant had some amazing desserts...cakes...icecream...hotchocolates...It was so good!

We went back down the windy mountain and got back to the resort, had some time to relax then got ready for my Oma's Birthday dinner!

My Oma's dinner was a very big occasion! It was such a fancy dinner made by a top chef! All the courses were amazing! It was nice being able to spend time with the family and catch up! My Aunt and Uncle got a laptop for my Oma! She was so excited! Now they are able to Facebook!!! My mom made my Oma this amazing quilt!! It was a great night!! After the kids were in bed we went back to the room where we started and enjoyed talking and drinks.

Too many pictures!! So two different slideshows to look at!!

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