Monday, October 5, 2009

Germany!!! The airport...and getting there!

So it is time for us to leave to Germany! We are all packed an ready!!! Ready for our long flight!! I am so excited though! Once we get to Atlanta...we get to see my mom! And then another long flight to Germany!!!

We left our house at 3am! Went to the airport and got all checked in! Very sleepy! We were all ready to go...and our flight left at 6am! It was nice having movies on the flight...James enjoyed it! This flight was pretty good 6hrs- a little cramped ( the lady next to me didnt fit in her seat :( and James was on the other side of a little smooshed!)

Once we got to Atlanta.... we met my mom at our gate! James had fun trying to video tape it! We went and got lunch and caught up!!! She was excited to see my belly!!

We then got ready for our 10 hr flight to Frankfurt Germany!!

This flight was nice and roomy! Having my mom and James on each side on me made it enjoyable! We had our own tvs in each seat! And had lots of options of different movies! And they were all free!!! It was a good flight...the baby moved a lot! But it was good!

We got to Germany...went through customs- so easy!!! Then we got our luggage...and waited for my grandparents to pick us up!! ( They were a little after waiting awhile..we called them and they found us!)

We went to breakfast and it was yummy! Then we got on the Autobahn...and headed to where they live!

It was a long drive being pregnant and being in a car with three adults in the back! I drank a little too much we had to stop before we got to where they lived...and I had to go in the woods!

We stopped in this little town and got some things from the bakery!! YUMM!!!

* It was early when we got to their house so we ate....and got settled in...

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Addison AND Crews Mama said...

I am so happy you updated your blog! :) I can't believe how far along you are- so fun!! So excited to see pictures of your little cutie once he or she is born!