Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Off to München today!!!

So today was our last day with the grandparents...but we will see them in a few days! After we packed our bags and got ready we were off to the train station! We had to take two trains to get to München! It was a nice train ride! Very comfy seats and beautiful views! The only hard parts were transferring on the trains with all of our luggage!!! Once we got to my aunts and uncles...It started SNOWING!!! Yay!! It was so beautiful! We tried to get some pictures..but they didnt turn out so great. My aunt picked us up...It was so nice they even rented a bigger car so they could fit the three of us and their kids in the car! We got to their house and it is so beautiful!I wish I took pictures of it!!! We had an amazing dinner and went to sleep :)

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