Friday, April 30, 2010


This Month was a funfilled month! Going on vacation to Ohio! Then my Birthday weekend!And lots of couponing and times with friends!The end of the month ended a little rough but it will get better!

Here are some pictures of Emerson's first Trip on a plane!

We are on our first overnight flight here...Emerson did well he slept the whole time!Then we got to Atlanta and I got Emerson to sleep till we were suppose to get on the next flight but our flight was delayed....then we finally got on or next flight..and it was not too much fun :(

But here we are finally in Ohio!

Emerson was so glad to see all his family!!! We took so many pictures and here are just a few!

Grandma and Grandpa love to make Emerson laugh!On this day I was out with one of my best friends Lauren- and Emerson rolled over for the first time!!

Here we are Gideon, Madison and me and Emerson-in Chagrin Falls!

Me, Emerson, Madison and Aidan at the park in Chagrin Falls

At the popcorn shop!Yumm!!

Last Day in Ohio~

Emerson likes to jump away in his bouncer while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

When I am not on the computer blogging Emerson like to use it- and call his grandma and grandpa on skype!

Here is Emerson and Landon hanging out as we go to the mall- of course we are shopping for the boys- who buys clothes for themselves when they have kids?

Here is a picture from the end of the month!A date night for me and James!

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