Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Surprise Ohio Trip!

So my friends brother had a cheap ticket - so I bought it and didn't tell my family!! I am getting better and better each year with being a surprise keeper!!! Here is a picture of when we went to the quilt shop my mom goes to!

Emerson had so much fun on our trip here are a few pictures!!!

Lots of hugs from Madison!

Lots of love here for baby!

Lots of Nakedness in the hot weather!

Lots of time with the great grandparents!

Lots of time in the sun!

Water is needed with warm weather!

Grandpa and Emerson making lots of the same faces- not on purpose either....

Lots of tickling from Max!

Chagrin Falls with Grandma and Grandpa!

Church with Emerson!

Emerson loves to mush food in his hands and try to get it on his uncle!

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