Saturday, October 25, 2008

A weekend with our niece and newphew!

So Jenny had to go out of town so we got to watch Jaiden & Tryston! Which is a real treat for us! And I know they enjoy coming over for more than just playing with our dogs and our game consoles!

It was a lot of fun! We of course got to watch lots of movies, have pizza, stay up late...and do all the things a "cool" aunt and uncle get to do! On Saturday Tryston had to leave that morning to go play a baseball game, so we took Jaiden out for the day!!

We started out getting her a new outfit...since she forgot he jacket :) Then we went up to Seattle where we went to the Ski & Snowboard expo!!! YAY!!! It is that time of year again!!! We enjoyed seeing all the different vendors! And we got our tickets early for stevens and whistler!!! SKI SEASON HERE WE COME!!!

Jaiden did have fun...but was excited to go to pikes place and feed the Seagulls! So we went to Ivars our favorite!! And Jaiden got to feed the seagulls! Which she had a blast!!!

Then we went to pikes place...and it was a blast!! It was a lot of fun!!! We can't wait to watch them again!

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