Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Home Evening

This weeks lesson was on Food Storage! It was a great lesson to prepare for and learn more about! I have been getting these wonderful emails from one of my second moms...she is the most spiritual person I know and they have all been centered around "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear". Almost every Prophet has counseled about food storage...It is not because we are waiting for this big thing to happen...It is something that we all need to do, not only to be prepared but to follow what our Prophets are teaching us. Are we Following our Prophets counsel? All of it??? At one time or another, nearly every family will face accidents, illness, unemployment, or other emergencies that will require them to depend on the resources they have stored.

With how the Economy is, with all that is going on the world...Everyone should get their lives in order. So, doing our lesson on Food Storage helped us realize that we need to do just that! I have this Emergency Preparedness Manual...Which is about 150 pages! I got it from one of my second moms! It is amazing...It has a guide on how to aquire enough food storage for a years supply in 52 weeks...It shows you what to do in any case of emergency....It shows how to hide food storage in your home( since some of us dont have a big home)! It is great to start to get prepared!

We read a few articles from different Prophets and Authorities...There are so many great ones...And no matter what year and time in our lives...They are always letting us know how important Food Storage is!!

Since we had Michael and Leilanie come over for FHE we were able to play a food storage Bingo!! It was fun...The winner was Leilanie - ( the winner got to choose one of the other teams wedding regifts!) So she got some bbq tools...Since we have so many!!!

We all had a great discussion and planned our food storage...and how we will aquire it!! Plus now that it is Leilanie & Michael, then James & I, then Elizabeth are all neighbors...We are planting a garden in our backyard!!! For now...we will start one inside!!!

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