Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lets do the Hula Hoop!!!!

Sundays are always a great day....

But this one was was exceptional!! Well at church it has been an adjustment...No offense to anyone but coming from a Singles ward then switching to a ward that is 50+ and a majority of the few younger couples that are there....all have kids! So thank goodness for Leilanie and Michael living next door!!
Well, this Sunday the bishop asked me the night before...if James and I could meet with him the next morning before church....
I was a bit apprehensive to get a new calling...honestly I just didnt want to be thrown into something where they needed someone.....

When we met with Bishop, I honestly know he is a man called of that is led by the spirit... The calling was one that I wasnt expecting and one that I honestly need most at this time!
I am a new Beehive Advisor!!! Yay!!!

This will be such a great opporunity and couldnt be more perfect!! The people I will serve with seem so great and I am so excited to get to know them!!!

Then our other problem with the ward...not enough young couples....well two new couples moved in !!! And we are getting to know the other ones too!!!
* James will be getting his calling soon!!! Exciting....

So, After church....
James went over to his dads house, while I made dinner! Then a little later our new friends from our ward came over (Sandy & Aaron - they just moved here from Utah!) we had dinner than chatted for awhile!
Then Sam & Jeremy came over and we did a game night!! We played a game....Boys against girls...unforunately the boys won!!
Afterwards.... Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream!!!
Then they decided to play some games on the Wii!!!

Lets do the Hula Hoop!!!
* Make sure to watch the whole video...sorry some of it is sideways:)
*Have you ever watched Elain dance on Seinfeld...does anyone look like her in this video???

(Sam you can't be mad at me...It was all J)

Here are some other pictures from the night!!

Here is Aaron he is excited his wii age is older than he is! Well Sandy is glad!

Here is he breaking a sweat!!

Here is me...watching the entertainment!

James is having too much fun!

Sandy & Aaron

James & Jeremy ....a little upset because their little wii fit guy expanded :(

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Addison's Mama said...

That video made me laugh so hard!! Made my day! HA HA!! :) You guys always have so much fun- I am jealous!!!