Sunday, January 20, 2008

December 15th!! A day I wont forget!!

So This weekend was amazing!! First one of my bestfriends Camille came from Kelso, Washington!! We hung out with Sam and Jeremy and of course James!! We watched movies and had pizza!! Us girls went to Walmart way too prepare for the rest of the weekend!! James was so cute! He told Camille " So tomorrow is Sarah's special day and she needs to get to bed I am entrusting you" Well Camille had every intention on getting me to bed early but I was to excited!!

So the next morning (The 15th) Camille and I got up and ready early ( so not like us) Got on our way even had time to go to Jack in the box (our favorite) Then off to the Temple we went!!! So it was my first time going!!Yay!! It was so amazing!! Just walking in....was the most amazing feeling ever!!! I just wished I would have went sooner....but it was the right time in my life!! It was so great and it was so nice to have Camille there and James and his was perfect!!

After the Temple...Camille drove back to Kelso since we were suppose to get a big snow storm....And James and I went to his house to meet Sam and Jeremy!!The we were off to Leavenworth (a little German town) for the Christmas lighting!! It was a beautiful drive...even though Sam fell asleep and half way through she woke up and said "IT IS SNOWING" it was hilarious since it had been snowing for about an hour already!!

So we got to Leavenworth...looked at all the lights...went shopping..then to one of my favorite restraunts Andreas Keller and had an amazing dinner!!

Then we went to Sams cousins house...wich was amazing!! It is this beautiful cabin on the most amazing property with a huge sledding hill in the back!! They had this amazing tree that was so cute from the woods!!

We left there...drove to our hotel.... Sleepy time!!

The next day we got ready...went to this cute little church in Leavenworth!! And we were an hour late...because it was the one week they changed the time go figure!! It is ok it was great!!

It was only a minute away from Sams cousins we went sledding it was great!! Then we topped it off with some hot chocolate...compliments to my hot chocolate maker (great idea..from Ali)

Then back home!!!

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Julie K. said...

What a fun weekend sarah!!!