Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our whirlwind story...but now a happy ending!!

We are so excited! We wanted to have all of our kids close!! So here goes!

Baby Wagner # 2

This picture is at 9 weeks! Since I have know for awhile ( since I was 3 weeks pregnant) and had plenty of Dr. Appointments! We decided to let everyone know it is official!

Here is first ultrasound picture at 5 weeks 6 days just a tiny little peanut!
We did get to see its heartbeat this early!

Now some background into why I have had so many ultrasounds so early!
This pregnancy, I have felt sick and I have continually prayed to...sounds weird? But it is a blessing to me! I love to be pregnant and count everything that comes along with it to be a blessing, because everything helps prepare us for when the baby comes!

With this pregnancy too we have had our ups and downs, but now we are in the clear - being able to see the heartbeat again and it measuring right on date!

On James birthday, we went in for an early ultrasound (5 weeks 6 days) - since I have been getting my hcg measured every three days and it is to where they want it to be!

When we went in this time, we were expecting to hear great news...instead the nurse let us leave in tears thinking there was no hope...... She kept saying it wasn't what she expected??? But she did say it looked like twins?? ( It isnt)
My Dr wasnt in the office so I had to make an appointment for a few hours later at an ultrasound place! It was the worst thing leaving and having no hope, so I got a blessing of comfort and I just had peace that I knew it would be ok!

So we went to the Ultra Sound place, and we got to see the heart beat and saw that the baby was right were it should have been!! Thank goodness!!

So I talked to the nurse, and then she got me worried again saying they were concerned about the abnormal shaped sac!! UGH!! Just when I thought I was in the clear!
So of course I go home and google ( NEVER GOOGLE)
Of course, nothing I wanted to hear....but then I figured most people don't go in for an ultrasound that early unless there is something wrong...So I got over my worries but still cautious!
So I was leaving on vacation, and was told to take it easy.......

Now you know my happy ending pictured above!

Now what happened with my last pregnancy ( And yes it was planned!)
The only reason I am sharing all of this, is I had never known about it before and I woudn't want anyone to go through it..but if they did I would want them to be aware that it can be a lot worse than what happened to me.

Some people can die, lose one or both tubes.

I am so grateful for my amazing doctor!!!

April 11- I found out we were pregnant on my birthday! I took three tests and was so excited! I didnt tell James just a few close friends!
April 12- Took another 2 pregnancy tests and positive! I took a Emerson and put him in his "Big Bro" shirt- we took a picture got it developed and took him to dad at work- he was so surprised!
April 16th- Went to Sound Womens Care and took a pee test,got an exam, and got bloodwork done.
April 23rd-Did way too much hair all day- got exhausted and started spotting. Called the Dr's office and they said to take it easy and to make sure it dosent get worse, and if it does go to the ER.
April 24- Still spotting
April 25- Called the Emergency Hotline at Sound Womens Care- and the Dr wasnt too concerned - he said if I was still spotting to call on Monday and see Dr. Bourne.
April 26th- Not really spotting too much but called in just to be sure. James was sick so he was able to take me. We went to see Dr. Bourne, and he first did an exam and my cervix was closed which was a good thing. Then he took me to do an ultrasound- and on it he didnt see anything :( He was so good at making it as least painful to hear- he showed us that nothing was there and then he moved on to show us other "parts" and said well it isnt anything to write home about but thats that. James was so in shock- he was expecting it to be ok and nothing wrong. We went to get bloodwork done and then we went home. After being home for a little bit Sam came and took me out of the house so I wouldnt think about it. Dr. Bourne called to tell me my hcg levels were at 145. That day I tried to keep as busy as possible trying not to think about what I just experienced. Later that night my friends brought me flowers and a card- so it helped.
April 27th- I got flowers on my porch and it helped me through the day!
April 28th-Was suppose to get bloodwork done but wasnt up for it.
April 29th- Went to get bloodwork done at hospital no paperwork so headed to sound womens care- since I needed to drop off a card for my Dr.- got paperwork but place was closed to the next day!
April 30th- Dr Appt at Birth & Family for me, then went to get bloodwork done at the hospital. My Dr. is the best! He even called me from home to tell me my results! But ....My hcg level is still at 145???? So 3 options- I am having a really slow miscarriage and I will need a D&C? I have an eptopic pregnancy - and will have to take a pill to get rid of it? Or I am pregnant- just a lot earlier??

Well here is what happened!

Well the next time I went in to get my hcg- we figured they would go down- but my Dr. was yet again baffled- they went up even more! They were almost at 300 ( the dr thought I either was really early in my pregnancy since I should have been in the thousands at 7-8 weeks or that I was having an ectopic)

That day the dr. rushed me in to stevens radia where they specialize in ultrasounds...they did a vaginal ultrasound and wouldnt tell me what they saw- they told my dr.

I had an appt. with my dr. and then he told me and showed me that my stomach was full of blood and he was able to show me where it was an ectopic pregnancy.

He told me how rare it was for me to have an ectopic pregnancy - since I never had problems with my fallopian tube, or had clamidia or endomitriosis.

We rushed to take care of the ectopic pregnancy- I had two options surgery or an anti cancer shot. Since my numbers were so low the anti cancer shot (methotrexate) was the best way to go.


Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Hey beautiful girl!! Such a story! I am so glad everything worked out this time and
I am so happy for you guys!!!! :)
Emerson is going to be a great big brother!!! Having them so close will be so great for them! Addison and Crew are already buddies :)

Chelle said...

Sarah & James (& Emerson), congrats - we're so happy for you guys!! I have to confess that a little bird may have told me a couple of weeks ago, but I am still so elated for your growing family. Sweeet blessings and wishes for a safe, healthy pregnancy... and some much-needed down time for a very busy mommy.

Lisa said...

Congratulations! Many prayers to you and your family that this will be a wonderful and healthy pregnancy :)

Amanda said...

Congrats!! Emerson is going to be a great big brother! Can't wait to see this new baby, good luck with everything! Rest A LOT and cherish this, it goes by way faster the second time! I'm praying for a healthy, happy pregnancy for you!

Rozemary said...

Congrats you guys! I had a feeling something was "up"!! So happy for you!

Julie said...

I'm way excited for you!! Congratulations Sarah and James

Ashley said...

Congratulations, I'm so glad!!! That picture of Emerson in his "Big Brother" T-shirt is just so cute!

ali monson said...

Congratulations, Sarah. I am so happy for your miracle and glad things worked out well with your ectopic pregnancy. I want to thank you for posting about your experience. Two weeks ago I had surgery to remove one of my tubes because I had an 8-week pregnancy growing strong there (heartbeat and all). Before I knew about the situation, I had several impressions and concerns about it being ectopic (which at the time seemed so strange). I feel like your post (which I had read a few weeks earlier) sort of planted the seeds of thought in my mind and then the Spirit encouraged me to see my doctor. I hope things are still going well.

CaSondra Shim said...

I just found your blog randomly...but now I am pritty sure it was God as I read your ectopic pregnancy story and that is pritty much what happend to me in July last year and I was eight weeks along by the time it was confirmed and had my surgery. Lost a tube in surgery as our baby was infused in it and I am still trying to get pregnant now. You give me hope that you got pregnant so quickly after an ectopic. It isn't as common and I am searching for other woman who can give me hope. Feel free to read my story at