Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving & Black Friday!!!

Every year for Thanksgiving we go to James sisters house for dinner. Here are a few pics!

Emerson and James relaxing!!

Now to my favorite tradition :


So this was our second year of going out on Black Friday!!
This year Toys R Us opened early on Thanksgiving so we met at Sam's house and then Beth drove the "VAN" and we went in line at 8pm!!
It was such a great experience at Toys R Us!! We didn't have to wait very long, and we were one of the first in the line! We got in and out and got everything we wanted!!!! It was a great experience!


We went and parked Marchelle's car at Target, then went and dropped off all our finds at Sam's house! We then went to Denny's for a midnight snack :) Afterwards we went to go wait in line at Target!It was a lot longer wait in line! Thank goodness Beth had her van! We were sitting in line which was nice, we turned the seat around so we can stay warm it was great! Well till it started to rain, get colder, and we had to get out of the van. Once it was 4am it was chaos! People started to cut in line- one guy was so rude, and even harassed Marchelle the whole time we were in the store! We were able to find everything we wanted- it was just not organized well and way too many people in the store!

We got done and went back to Sams house and took a nap break! James dropped Emerson off, and we rested a bit more till Keilah came over and Sam,Beth,the kids and I ran to costco!
It was a fun black friday - but I do think I slept the rest of the day!
It was so nice to get all the rest of the shopping done!!

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