Sunday, December 19, 2010

Levenworth and Tree Lighting!

Each year we like to go to Leavenworth for the Tree Lighting and to do some sledding! Last year we weren't able to go since we were awaiting Emerson to be born! So this year was fun taking Emerson!

Our friends Maggie and Casey invited us to come stay at her parents house in Cashmere! It is such a cute little house filled with love! Emerson had so much fun going up and down their stairs, and he had so much fun with his friend Axel!

After a day of relaxing, and enjoying ALL the snow!! We went into Leavenworth, and it there was so much snow and people we just missed the tree lighting! So instead, we tried to eat at my favorite restraunt Andrea's Keller, but the wait was way too long with 3 little kids in tow. So we packed up and met at the grocery store to get some snacks! The only problem, there was so much snow we almost got stuck ( James won't ever admit to ever almost getting stuck) But when 2 guys have to push you out...I would think so!

He sure liked being inside away from the snow in the grocery store!

So instead of the german food...we went and got mexican!

Emerson liked trying the limes!

We got back, Emerson wanted to be in the snow...but it was time for bed!

The next day, we did some antiquing while the boys watched some games.
Then we went and picked up the boys and kids and went to Sonic!

After we got back from Sonic, we said our goodbyes and headed into Leavenworth to do some sledding and went to the tree lighting!

Emerson sure liked to sled!

He really loved the tree lighting!!

And now for the pics we always take :


Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

Such fun pictures!! It looks like you guys had a blast!

rickybollinger said...

nice pictures.

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jeremy said...

You have a beautiful family. You are a lucky man.

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