Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slacker I am ......well not really.

Wow, where does time go.
I have been looking through pictures a lot lately and I can't believe how fast the time goes. It makes me really think about the things I am doing, and what I want to be spending my valuable time on. Maybe thats why I haven't been blogging much? No that's not the real excuse :)

For the next 5 days, James took off so we can get some big projects done around the house! I can't wait! We have been working on Emerson's room - an ongoing project. But, since winter is right around the corner - and I HATE the cold (unless I am skiing in it). We are making his room so we will love being in it ALL day!

So lots of pictures to come! And, I will catch up on all the past blogposts....but I figure I should concentrate on the future...or I will never get caught up!

Here is a picture of our cute little kiddos (and James) - growing faster than weeds!


Harith Harry said...

happy family!!!

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