Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Dads Visit

So my dad was on his way after New Years...James and I were worried since he normally dosent travel this way in the winter time. (And Washington decided to have some extreme weather this year) So the trip from Ohio to here which normally takes only a few days.....Turned into to over a week. He was going to drive through Spokane and Snoqualmie Pass....he waited at a truck stop a few days till the avalanche danger stopped but instead of going that way he was going to drive out of the way and go through Portland. He made it right passed Portland and stopped at a truck stop...then Once he was getting ready to leave the I-5 closed for mudslides! So he was trapped in Portland!We didnt know how long he would be there and didnt know how long we would see him once he got into town...So James and I were going to go down and visit him..So on Thursday we decided since we didnt have a navigation system we were going to go get the phone we wanted....SO we got :

So the I-5 opened and on Saturday we meet him in Snoqualmie and helped him move a family in! Then we had a fun night watching movies....and going to :

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