Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poor James

So after a year and a half James finally made an appointment to get his ankle checked out since it is still swollen from playing basketball.The Dr. said he needed an MRI so today was the day he had to go. He has never had an MRI and it was hard for him. It was a half an hour of being completely still..which he can't do. So he will find out as soon as the Dr. gets back in town what the results are!!

So later that night...since he was still able to play basketball,we went to his game!It was the Fourth Quarter and James was running and his knee popped!!! He was in too much pain to finish playing,so we left. We picked up a movie so he could have something to watch....and by the time he got home and he started icing it...It started swelling.

A week goes by and it is still sore.....He had a Doctor appointment when he finally could get in....The Doctor thinks he tore his ACL - but James now has to get an MRI on his Ankle....So Wednesday the 4th we will find out!

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