Monday, March 9, 2009

Bye bye Rosco

Rosco was such a great and loving dog!I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, I got him in Washington DC and he has been with me almost everyday since he was born!He has been to probably more states than most that read our blog! He loved road trips, playing outside, wearing clothes, playing fetch, and the list goes on~
Recently we have found out that besides not being fond of James, or fufu....he is not very fond of little kids (ecsp those that are around the age of one) He just barks and barks and likes to bite! So that posed a problem to James and I.
So,we talked about it and James was so great about it!He didnt even tell me I needed to get rid of him....he just let me do what I needed to do!
I was not planning on finding him a home right away...but I wanted to before we start to have kids so it makes it easier on me.After talking to my friend Sally....I started looking on craigslist and then I found an ad for a daughter looking for another companion for her father! He was having his 69th birthday, celebrating life after having cancer, and celebrating being sober for 28 years! I talked to him on the phone, and we set up a day to meet him....I told him on the phone that we just wanted to meet him and see how it went.....

We took him to his house and Rosco instantly loved it! He loved him and his little chihuahua! We left to think about the decision we were making and ran to the store to get some last minute things! Rosco didnt even care that we left...James and I ran and got some things and got back and we both felt so much peace! We gave him a new home and felt so much peace about it! I was so worried fufu would be upset but honestly she is happier than ever!!! She actually spends time with us and loves going on more walks and sleeps in our bed now!!! We have gotten updates on rosco and he is doing better than ever!!!


Addison's Mama said...

Oh Sarah I am so happy that everything worked out! After giving Jack a new home, we felt at peace instantly and knew we made the right decision. Chloe is so great with Addison and unfortunately Jack had to find a new home, life is so much better for him and us. It sounds like it's the same way for you guys. Love ya tons!

Sarah & James Wagner said...

Thanks for all the great advice!It really was such a good decision!

Samantha said...
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