Friday, March 27, 2009

Our bumb weekend....

So our weekend has started out with me.....
Going to the dentist! I had this feeling come to me that I needed to get my teeth taken care of....And I had one of my friends Rozemary take me last week to an appointment....where I came to find out I needed more than what I wanted...after a bit of an emotional breakdown...We all came to a conclusion! I needed to have two crowns right away and my one wisdom tooth pulled and the tooth next to it pulled (since the wisdom tooth broke it so bad) Well thank goodness I have a great dentist who puts up with me! He even got me in right away- since I have to do things like that asap!
So my appointment was suppose to be friday on the dentists day off...but it moved to Thursday which turned out great!!! My appointment went so well ( way better than last time) And he did such a great job!! ( I would take pictures but I am little swollen)

So now to my poor hubby!!
We had to be at Evergreen at 7:15 am! Then he had to get all checked in! The doctor,nurse, and anesthesiologist were so great and informative!! Here are some pics before surgery!

He said once he got in the anesthesiologist said " say goodnight" and then James was out like a light! When I came to get him he was so out of it....he was so clingy which I love!! The nurse went over everything...and then we got ready to leave!

Once we got into the car...his knee started to bleed a little the nurse actually got in the car too! And started to check on it!! They really were great! They sent us home with some guaze and it started bleeding a little more....

He had his machine delivered so it will move his knee! The guy who came over was great! James needs to be using the machine for 6+ hours a day his first week off!

So all in all...James is sore!And will be a lot worse tomorrow! He is still numb now....and hopefully it will last longer than it is suppose to!

It was so nice to have James mom and Jaiden stop by!And James dad and his best friend Jeremy came and gave him a blessing!!

*James needs to be off of work for a week
* He has to use the machine for 6+ hours a day for a week!
* He will need to use crutches for a minimum of 3 weeks!
And will take about 6 months for it to heal!


Leslie said...

Wow. Physical healing takes a lot of emotional and spiritual strength I have learned! Take it easy the both of you and I wish you both a speedy recovery. :-)

Addison's Mama said...

I am so sorry! Get better soon James. Poor guy :(
Sarah I hope you are feeling better. I am so sorry you guys had such an awful weekend:( Start feeling better soon!

Momma Nelson said...

Where are all the photos of you numbed up and trying to smile. :) One of the many things that makes getting dentist work done not fun. I always love running into people after going to the dentist when I am numbed up can't smile and are drooling. I'm glad to hear everything went well. I'm glad you were able to make it to the shower. IT was good to see you. Good Luck with healing James.
Hope things are going well.