Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kite Festival and Astoria

James and I made it our little tradition to go to the kite festival every year! It is fun to go camping..have fair food...and go to the beach! This year Sam, Jeremy and Landon joined in on our traditon!! Sam even went camping!! Landon was such a little trooper!! He even let fufu sleep in his car seat with him!

Once we got to Longbeach we set up our tent! Then we went into town and went to the festival! We had dinner...then waited for the fireworks....they were a little late..we kept saying 5 more minutes...and right before we left they went off :)

We got back and had a fire....and of course smores!

Then the next day we enjoyed breakfast...and went and got hot chocolate...then we ventured out to Astoria..went to see the Goonies house! Went to a little restaurant then went to a farmers market!!! It was such a fun day!

It was a fun little trip and hopefully Sam and Jeremy want to camp again :)

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