Saturday, August 15, 2009

Montana/Wyoming/Idaho/Oregon Trip

One of my best friends Lauren was going to Yellowstone to stay in a cabin in Idaho, and invited James and I to stay! We took some time off work and drove the 12 hours ( a lot longer than that for us getting there) each way to stay for a long weekend! When we got there it was great weather! We were able to go into town, do some shopping then have some great food! The next day we were in town, went through Yellowstone - planned on seeing Old Faithful but since Obama was there it ruined our dream ( the second time we went to see old faithful in 6 day!!!) After turning around and going the opposite way of Obama we found some other fun places to go to! We then went on a rafting trip and were able to see some cool wildlife!! We enjoyed the town some more and had such a fun trip!!!!

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Ashley said...

Way to squeeze a whole bunch of pictures in! Looks like you guys had such a blast! I LOVE Yellowstone!