Sunday, November 16, 2008

2nd day in OHIO

So today I was very sleepy waking up....but my brother came and got me, then off to the storage unit we went! One problem...I didnt know the code, or even the # of the unit! So off to a good start! Well after making a few phone calls...we got in...But we couldnt get the truck till 10am! So I started going through boxes and organizing!Soon my other brother came to help, along with Lauren, my cousin colin, and Gideon's Father in law! So after everyone got a few things to take home...we were loaded up! Took all the boxes to my I could ship to Seattle...and the rest goes to my brother and Goodwill! We were planning on it taking a few days! So it was exciting to be done in 1hour!!! Thank you everyone for your help!!

So, Lauren took me home..then she had to run off.. And I started going through all my boxes! It felt like an early christmas! Then my mom and I ran out...we went to the apple orchard!! YUMM!! Too bad I couldnt take any cider on the plane! Then we went to Gabes! And Starbucks!!Our fav!!

Then off to my newphews 2nd Birthday party!! It was a blast! He had so much fun and it was so great to see my family there!!

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