Thursday, November 20, 2008


I refused to read Twilight for far to long...Who jumps up at the oppotunity to read a book about vampires anyway????Well I wasnt too thrilled on the idea till one of my young women asked me to go with her and a group of people to go see it on opening night!So they got tickets...but one problem I didnt read the book yet! Well I read it on my flight back from Ohio and I fell in love! It was so great and I couldnt wait to see the movie.

So in the theatres here they opened up for seating at 6:30 for the midnight showing...So my friends brother got there at 6:15 needless to say we had amazing seats! We got there a bit later and relieved her brother and his girlfriend....Who knew I would have gone to a movie over 3hrs early???

Well, I thought it was so worth it!! I want to see it again and can't wait till it comes on blue-ray!!! Of course there are a few changes from the book...but if you think about them they make sense!!!

I love the characters in the movie and thought it was great!! Cant wait to see it again!!


Rozemary said...

You are a movie trooper!
I know.. I resisted the book as well.. and then.. well.. it sucked me in!!!
When are we going to see the movie again?!??

Keilah and Steve said...

I saw the movie last night. The book was ten times better, but that was expected. Glad I saw the movie, too.

Addison's Mama said...

I didn't think I would like twilight either. I never read the books but LOVED the movie. I went to the movie with family thinking I was going to hate it but LOVED it!! :)