Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Bank Holiday ( and I have the greatest Boss who lets me have them off too)

So today we had an exciting day planned! We had even been checking the weather to make sure it wasnt going to rain while we were on our little trip! But, the whole entire trip it poured! Then we got a little closer and it sprinkled! But when we finally arrived at our destination in Oregon....It was pouring!

So James and I decided to embrace the day! We had to stop in the little souviner shop to get some batteries for our camera...then we went and got a trail map for our little hike ( and got a loaner umbrella)....and what would a hike be without hot chocolate! ( well, the umbrella really didnt help much- it was one more thing to carry & the hotchocolate - should have been a bottle of water! And not to self - have James dress me next time!)

So we started our hike...and this was any easy one! You can see the most beautiful waterfall from the road! Then you climb up a little trail ( 2min up) and you are on the bridge! It was great!!!

Just Kidding!! That wasnt all of it! We went further! A lot further! We ended up soaked and were able to see even more waterfalls!It was such a great hike! And I would really recommend doing it! (well just be prepared!)

After our hike and lots of pictures later.....
We ate at the little restraunt at the bottom of it!We were so soaked and covered in dirt we had to ask if we were even aloud in!!! Hehe!!!Seriously! It was a nice restraunt and great food!!!

Then we got in the car...and shedded from our soaked clothes! Then off to the Portland Temple!!! We were going to do a 4:30 Session so we hurried on down!

It was such a great experience! James and I have never been there and it was gorgeous!!!We got out late...so it was dark! So the pictures arent the greatest!!

It was a great day! And back to reality! Thank goodness for miny vacations ( and for James always being up for something new!)

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