Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday!!

So I was determined to go to Walmart this year...but it was super cold!My friend wanted to go with me..and couldnt end up I really didnt want to wait in line by myself! And what fun would that be??? So I talked to my friend Sandy and she said she was thinking about going...but to the one in marysville because it was inside!What??You can wait inside at a superwalmart!!! Well we were on our way, and we got there about 1:30am!!

So we got to Walmart and all went our seperate ways for each item we wanted!It took forever to find where the kitchen aid when we found it I camped out next to it!I also needed a tv for our bedroom so chelsea was getting it for me!So a few hours later the lines were getting longer...people getting meaner...and I was talking to these girls that I have met sometime??Cant figure out where?But they were going to get a kitchen aid for me while I went and got the tv!So we were going to meet right after!Thank goodness I went to the tv or we wouldnt have got it!!Yay for black friday!!

So later that day I decorated our house!!Excited to go get a tree the next day!! And then went out shopping again with Leilanie!!

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Brandon and Katie said...

Wow I have needed to catch up with your guys' life! I am so bad about blogging. I LOVE Black Friday and I had a hard time finding someone to go with me this year. We may have to go together next year =)