Tuesday, November 18, 2008

4th day in OHIO

So today was the last day in Ohio for a bit!!So it was covered in snow outside! And we had to go to the post office to ship off 9 packages!We started driving and it was horrible ( not like washington horrible...lol! and the kids were all in school) Well we got to the post office...and we decided to take the back roads to aurora :) We were so glad we did because we didnt want to miss our tradition of going to Chagrin Falls to the Yours Truly Cafe for some Lotso Notso fries, and fried artichokes! YUMM!! Also we can't forget the herb shop, where of course I found some amazing finds!! And the dog bakery ( where my mom found a few outfits for her dog and yes i got all of the dogs treats and fufu some bows!)

Max's Fashion Show - I hope you enjoyed!

So after we got back my Grandparents came...I finished packing then off to the airport!

The snow was suppose to stop...but they were wrong! It got so much worse...my mom missed her meeting because the traffic and roads were too bad and my brother even called to see if I was making it out!

As we are on this rather large plane...the flight wasnt even half full with 14 of us on it! They said we were ready to take off and we would be early...but that didnt happen we sat there for over an hour so they could de-ice us! So we got to atlanta late and I barely had enough time to get a drink(which later on the plane I spilled all over my self) Thank goodness delta still gives drinks and snacks!

I had the nicest couple sitting next to me they live in BC and were just coming back from Mexico for there 10yr anniversary!We talked for awhile....but I was then on a mission to finish reading TWILIGHT!Since I am going to the midnight showing.....when I get back!SO I was able to finish it! I cant wait for the next ones!! And yes...I refused to read it forever and I gave in!! But it is amazing!

So I got to the airport and James was there with these beautiful roses!! I sure missed him!!!

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