Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 20th!! The first day of our Honeymoon!!!

We got to be on the plane forever...and of course they switched our seats so we didn't get to sit next to each other!!! No one would switch us....so finally after about 45min...of me being upset..this family switched around so we could sit next to each! ( How rude were those other people who wouldn't switch!!)

After our first flight...we arrived in Atlanta we waited a bit...then ended up on our next flight to Orlando!!!

The flight was good...we were glad to be done with flying though!! We got our luggage...rented a car (note..rent car before getting to destination) It was a Nissan wich was nice!! But it was gross inside...but we did finally get a good deal..so no complaining!!!

We didnt really know how to get to the resort...since someone forgot the directions :)

We found our way....we stopped at cici's pizza for lunch ( I have never been a good one at buffets...i dont eat enough) Then we went and found the resort... Checked in..Our room wasnt ready...so we waited and went to the pool!!!

After we got done and checked in...we relaxed for a bit...took pictures!!

We then went to find a target...so we could use our giftcards...James needed some shorts and I needed a dress! So we went shopping!!

Afterwards we went to Red Lobster ( Thanks to Tony's giftcard) It was great!! We had the best service we have ever had...cups to go!! Free dessert!! She got a 100% tip!! Yes I am serious!! The lady was that good!!!!

We went back to the resort...and relaxed!! It was a fun day!!

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