Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 21!! Second day of our Honeymoon!!

So we woke up early...because we decided to save some money and get a free ticket to Sea World by going to a timeshare presentation! It was at 9am! Little did we think how hard it would be to wake up....since we are three hours behind!!!

Well we went to the presentation...and it is funny how they match you up with people "like you" that have similar interests..around the same age...ect! You see caucasions with caucasions..and the same age groups..and hispanics with hispanics..older people with older people....

Well the girl they gave us...James laughed! He said we were alost twins!!! We were very similar and the same personality! She even had my pre-wedding hair....and the same hat on!!! It was hilarious!! Her name was Penny!! She was great!! And yes we are going to make sure to upgrade our timeshare with her!!!!

So we did the presentation..it was nice and quick!They did have an amazing complimentary breakfast...lol!! pUkE!If you like frozen pancakes!!!lets just say...we didnt eat!!At least the great part was we got to see the upgraded unit...and meet Penny my twin!

After that...we went swimming for a bit...Then went off to the Mall...it was a super nice one!! I was jealous!! It was fun to go to!! Then we went to target again!! And bought all of our groceries for the week!!

We went back to the resort...relaxed...

Then went to dinner at Bahama Breeze!! YUMM!!!

I wore the most uncomfortable shoes....so they have these little carts where the guys are on bicycle...and we got a ride to the movie theatre...and watched Batman!!!

It was such a fun day!!!!

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