Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 24!! Day 5 of the Honeymoon!!

Today we headed out early...for real!! We wanted to go to the beach....so my cousin Jessica and her husband recomended Clearwater Beach!!

We got there after a while...and the part where we got was a very sucluded beach....even though I was a bit hesitant...it was seriously the perfect day!!! We rented these little chairs with umbrellas which made it so nice!!! We went swimming ( and the water was warm- yes this is why we choose Florida) It was so nice!! We relaxed on the beach for awhile....then after the storm passed...we went to rent a jet ski!! It was the perfect time!!!! There was a dolphin viewer boat out...and as we were out in the ocean we got to see all these doplhins right next to us!!! It was so great we video tapped it!!!!

After our little adventure, we went back and relaxed on the beach...I went out in the water..and there were the dolphins...an arms length away from me!!!! It was amazing!!! I got to swim with the doplhins!!!!It was such a great experience!!

After we dried off...we headed over the bridge and on the other side of the beach to the busier side...where the boardwalk was...It was fun!! There was so much going on and neat things to see!!!

At this point..we were getting ready to head to our next destination..but we realized we were burnt!!! So we had to get some aloe!!

We were both fried...but headed to our dinner cruise!!So we got to our dinner cruise...and from the outside it didnt look like anything amazing...But inside it was so beautiful and romantic!!! It was the most perfect night ever!!! They even played a song for us!! James even danced twice!!!! It was amazing!!!

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