Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 22nd!! Day 3 of our honeymoon!!!

So today...we woke up and James made pancakes!! (I love that the place....it comes with everything we need!!)

We went on a little drive...to go on a swamp boat tour!!! We got there and it was just what we expected!!! Yay!! We got to see aligators...We even held one!!! We also went on the swamp boat...with ear plugs and all!!!

On our way back ...we went to some outlet malls... and got a shake from McDonald's since it was so HOT!!!

We went back to the resort..went to the pool...and cooled off...till it rained :)

Then we went and took a nap...got ready for dinner with my cousin Jess and her husband Jason!

We went to get a movie from blockbuster...then we went to Ruth Chris to meet my cousin and her husband!

We got to see them and it was so much fun!!! It was a great dinner and great accompany!!

After dinner..we went back to the resort so full!! And watched movies!!

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