Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday August 22nd!!

So James had a very extended birthday this year!! James sister Jenny and I decided to suprise James and take him camping for his birthday! We took him to Longbeach for the Kite Festival!! We left friday afternoon...It was James and I in the front seat...along with rosco! Then in the back was Jaiden,Tryston,Jenny and Fufu! It was a car full with all of our camping gear! We got on the road..and James didnt know where he was going...he made a guess.... The day before he was at work..and just striking up conversation with one of his customers...they were talking about the weekend plans... and she said she was headed up to long beach for a kite festival...and he told her he didnt have any clue where his wife was taking him....until then!!

So we headed up to took awhile longer than expected....but we got there!!
We ended up here!! But the first spot we got...was horrible! It was untop of this other campsite..literally- the people took over two spots! With a million unrully kids...and 2 big dogs!!! Since we had our little rascalls with us...and we wanted peace...we switched spots!! On our way to our new spot we saw deer!!! Our new spot was the best spot at the whole campground!! It had the most beautiful tree...and it was just perfect!!!

So that night we set up camp!! Then Jenny and I went to the market - we got back and had a great dinner!

The next day we got up and drove over the big bridge to Astoria! We went up to see the column...then we were talking with this very informative man who gave us a map of where all the different movies were filmed!

We went on a little hunt to see all the places where the Goonies took place!! It was a fun little adventure...but a little sad...since the Fratelli's place wasnt the same.... We saw the house where the Goonies lived at!! They do have a convention for the Goonies every year in Astoria!! Just Fyi! ( I am glad I just saw the movie before we went!! Thanks - Michelle and Dave!!)

So after our little adventure we went to the kite festival - Yes I do have pictures...I will post those soon! ( I just need to get from Jenny - but i figured I needed to post!)
It was so amazing...beautiful and just great!! We went there and rosco and fufu even had fun!! They love the beach!! So did the kids! They got to play in the was a perfect day!! Out of all the people on the whole beach - we ended up seeing the people we were camping next to...very random!! Plus they were LDS too!!! After chatting with them - we went back to the campsite! Cleaned up...made dinner...took a nap...and then got ready for fireworks!!!! We went back to the Kite Festival...and saw the fireworks....they were great!!!

That night we didnt sleep to well! It was super windy and the tent we borrowed from Mom and Dan - was a bit the middle of the night the tent was caving in on us...Good thing Jaiden and Jenny slept in the car!!!

So the next morning...we got packed up before it started to rain....said bye to our little neighbors... and were on our way!!

It was a great little camping trip!! Cant wait for more!!!

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