Tuesday, August 26, 2008

July 26th!!! Our last day in Florida!!!

So today was our last day....and it was also our Year and a half together!!!

It was hard to leave...but fun to know that we could come back!!!

We finished packing up...and checked out!! (We had so many drinks left...we gave it to some of the workers at the resort...since we couldnt bring it on the plane!)

Before we left..we stopped at the Orlando Temple...it was so beautiful!!! It was so nice to be there!!

Then we headed off...to the airport!!! Little did we know...it was going to be our entire day...in the orlando airport!!!

We got there at 10am Florida time and arrived in Seattle at 1am!!! ( So it was a long day!!!)

But we are glad to come home and start our life together!!!!

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Wilcock Family said...

I loved the pictures!! You look absolutely gorgeous- I love the hair!!! I have been thinking about chopping mine off! I am so happy for you guys and love checkin in to see what you are up to! Muah!
Love ya!!